Machinique Meltdown

by LeVautourEnsemble

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LeVautourEnsemble - Machinique Meltdown

'Machinic, a word that does not exist, translates the French machinique, the adjectival form of le machin, a gadget, a watchamacallit.'

This footnote from editor/ translator Robert Brinkley's notations to Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari's 1975 essay 'What Is A Minor Literature?' provides part of the title and a sort of a point-of-departure for this collection of songs and sounds.

This album was spawned as an outlet for a meltdown of various sorts, in the immediate aftermath of a graduate-literature program which found me, by the end of the final semester, deeply immersed in attempting to understand and apply the critical-theory of Delueze and Guattari to a variety of research, writing, and art projects... resulting in a sort of troubling void where Deleuzian concepts such as rhizomatic mapping, deteretorialization, assemblages, 'becoming,' and, of course, the ever-elusive 'machinique,' acquired vast degrees of personal resonance on many different levels.

The resulting album was initially intended as a concept-record about varying sorts of apocalypses. In its finished form, in many ways it is this indeed... though, in true Deleuzian form, in a far more confusing, meandering, and easily-misunderstandable way than initially intended. You could probably refer to each resulting 'song' on this short album as a 'Plateau,' (and you probably wouldn't be entirely wrong)... but I'd kind of prefer that you didn't.

This album was recorded between January 2011 and December 2011, primarily at the LoftDeLeVautour, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. All instruments, sounds, voices, noises, etc were performed, created, and/ or mutated and heavily manipulated by Bernard P. Provencher LeVautour.

Again, in true Deleuzian fashion, I choose to refuse to explain anything about any track on this album with any further degree of detail within these notations.

Questions may be addressed directly by email, at bernard.levautour at yahoo dot com


released January 6, 2012

available for free download at



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