.​.​.​from the sketchbook​.​.​.

by LeVautourEnsemble

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LeVautourEnsemble- “...from the sketchbook...”

This record is the third and final in a trilogy. It was preceded by 2010’s decade-in-the-making scrapbook of literary experiments, “...whose wings are a dull reality...”, and 2012’s post-grad-school concept-record about various sorts of apocalypses, “Machinique Meltdown” (both released by, and available through Headhat Records). This record, I feel, ties those other two together. Like M.M., this is also a sort of a concept-record. Like Whose Wings, this is also, as the name implies, a sort of an auditory scrapbook. This time around, the scrapbook-ish aspect IS the concept. This record was a sort of challenge to myself before retiring the LeVautourEnsemble name (I’m at a stage in my musical life where compartmentalized pseudonyms for solo-projects seem redundant)... As a compulsive keeper of notebooks, I have hundreds of ideas jotted down in various books I carry around with me at any given time. Most of them don’t make even the slightest bit of sense the morning after the night I jot them down. My challenge here was to make a record comprised nearly entirely from an attempt to write-through one of those notebooks, turning scribbles into songs, regardless of whether I had any idea what I meant by the original note. Did I make it through the entire notebook? Not even close. Is some of this content entirely tangental to it’s inspiring scribbles? Absolutely. Did I entirely succeed in my additional challenge to myself to revert entirely to an antique Tascam 4-track cassette machine to record this mess on? Not at all (this does, however, explain some of the harder-to-listen-to moments of noise on this album...?) For all its flaws, though, I’m happy with this mess as a fitting and appropriate departure for my perpetually inconsistent, experimental “Ensemble.”


released December 8, 2013



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